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Creative Cloud is a collective of highly skilled people with something special to offer. Together they represent a powerful concentration of skills and know-how in a wide range of fields that cover all your marketing, presentation and promotional needs, both online and offline.

Creative Cloud’s principals reflect its internationally minded and talented teams of writers, art directors, marketing specialists and graphic and web designers. In addition, Creative Cloud also works together with handpicked professionals such as photographers, video producers, translators and PR and event organisers to produce work that is well thought out, visually pleasing and highly effective.

Michel Cruz
Michel CruzAn economics graduate with a background in FMCG marketing, Michel  worked in product development before entering the world of publishing where he became a respected writer and editor of luxury lifestyle magazines. He set up his own design and publishing agency Manifesto Design in 2002 and with his team of designers and writers specialises in corporate branding, SEO-driven content and producing luxury branded magazines – blending marketing skill and creative flair to great effect

Job Hugenholtz
Job HugenholtzSchooled in Spain and the Netherlands, Job has a Masters degree in Science from the University of Leiden. His career soon veered towards publishing and design, in which he has built up an extensive portfolio, including in large part the development and running of two successful magazines, along with art direction of five monthly publications. He and his team have also designed a wide scope of marketing material and branding for companies in Spain and the Netherlands. His speciality is producing “efficient yet affordable design for a broad audience”

“We are passionate about what we do, and I think it shows in the end result”

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