creative cloud By NOK – Creativity and Business Combined

Architecture is often described as a field in which creativity reaches lofty heights, yet the founder of By NOK shows that a creative mind can also be of great value in business.

Words: Michel Cruz
Photography: Kevin Horn

By Nok“I am a dreamer with a love of architecture,” admits Armando Gómez, the founder of By NOK, a specialist company that encompasses all elements of property development, from market and feasibility studies to architectural design, construction and promotion. The economist who heads this group of hand-picked engineers, technicians, architects and even interior designers and landscapers clearly has an affinity with his business field that extends beyond the financial and operational running of it. Continue reading

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El Hierro, eco islandEl Hierro, despite being the smallest of the Canary Islands, has managed to forge its way to the forefront of renewable energy and make history.

The island’s love affair with the natural world is one that goes back centuries. Before the Spanish conquests of 1402 and 1496, the island was inhabited by the Bimbache people. They had a culture that was defined by their distinctive pantheist spirituality, one that bound them together with the natural world through their gods and mythology. As in many aboriginal tribes, divine power and intention were embodied by nature and, despite the twists and turns of history this dedication to nature has endured. Continue reading

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creative cloud Málaga’s Cultural Renaissance

Centre Pompidou MálagaMálaga is a city in motion. Even though it is the capital of the Costa del Sol, the city was in the past often overshadowed, with visitors’ eyes drawn more towards the bright lights of Marbella and other holiday hotspots. But now Málaga is moving into the spotlight as a centre of cultural excellence in its own right. Continue reading

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creative cloud Live and Let Dye

Live and let dye- Mixhel CruzSince the earliest of times people have been looking to reproduce the splendour of nature and represent the depth of their imaginations through colour. The wealth of tones surrounding us today have their origins in natural dyes and pigments that have been used for thousands of years to add a little colour to everyday life.

Mankind emerged into a world full of colour – blue skies, green fields and the bright abundance of plants, flowers and wildlife all around – yet for much of our time on the planet our own immediate environment was perhaps a little drab and devoid of colour. Think of cave dwellings in various shades of grey and brown, tan and earth-toned tents made from the hides of animals and early fashion restricted to deep brown, black or occasionally white furs. The manmade environment wasn’t a very colourful place to be, and as we know dark, sombre tones have a way of getting us down, so it wasn’t long after people began weaving clothes that they started to look for a little bright diversion. Continue reading

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creative cloud Emerging technologies

Originally published in Essential magazine

Emerging technologiesIt is often said that the Internet has transformed the world, and so it has, but in their own way a great many things have proved to be catalysts of tremendous import. Think of the telephone, the car, flight, the invention of machinery and electronics, and once upon a time, the wheel and the ability to light a fire, or organise ourselves into the species that would come to dominate the planet, for better or for worse.

I often think the era up to the electronic age was the most exciting. Within a hundred years so many tangible things had been invented that changed our lives, from the fridge and the vacuum cleaner to the television and those rockets they keep shooting up into space. It was all about science and engineering back then, and to be an inventor of something important was much bigger than being a celebrity, footballer or even a chef. Continue reading

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creative cloud New developments by Google underline the importance of good content

GoogleIf you mention the term Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to the average man on the street you are likely to receive a look of confusion and a pair of eyebrows raised in a questioning manner. For the majority of people SEO may seem like gibberish, but for wise web surfers it is an essential tool for attracting business to websites. Broadly speaking, SEO is a mix of strategies that ensures a website gets a high ranking via search engines such as Google or Yahoo. In plain English, this means it improves the chances that a website will be found by potential customers. Continue reading

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creative cloud Look Your Best gym Marbella

By Ash Bolton

Ash bracing himself for the shockI must admit I was slightly nervous as my personal trainer Dora strapped me into the EMS (electronic muscular stimulation) suit for my first session. The skin-tight suit had special pads in it, which when activated by a touch screen computer released an electrical charge directly to the muscle beneath it, forcing it to contract. The idea behind this technology is that a 20-minute session in the state of the art gym in Puerto Banús is equivalent to a two-hour work out at a conventional gym, promising to tone muscles, aid weight loss and tighten skin. Great I thought, bulging biceps and a six-pack stomach are mine for the taking! Continue reading

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creative cloud Special jewellery in Marbella

Cosmic heart shaped necklaceIf you are looking for a slightly unusual gift that is a little quirky you might want to have a look at the handmade jewellery that is lovingly designed by Marbella based Noël Bohorquez. Using an assortment of precious stones, she blesses each piece and makes a selection of good luck charms featuring pretty dragonflies and guardian angels.

Prices for her jewellery range from a recession busting 12€ to 30€, depending on the design you choose and the gems that are involved. From adorable ankle chains to beautiful bracelets and lovely necklaces, Noël puts her heart and soul into every design and insists on personally blessing each and every one. Continue reading

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creative cloud Ingenious decorative solutions

Serastone The step between simply furnishing an apartment, office, shop, restaurant, café or similar venue and having it properly decorated to suitably impress is a big one.

Decorating and furnishing is something we all have to do, but to really take a living, working, retail or recreational space to another level costs a lot of money and/or know-how.

In other words, it isn’t that easy to make your place look stunning without incurring a lot of cost and work. However, fortunately every now and then someone does come up with an ingenious decorative design that combines all the right elements – being practical, stylish, easy to apply and affordable. Continue reading

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creative cloud Renaissance of Holland’s greatest museum

Paris has the Louvre, London the National Gallery, Madrid the Prado…and Amsterdam the Rijksmuseum.

The Night Watch Gallery. Photo credit: Iwan Baan. Image courtesy of RijksmuseumFirst opened in The Hague in 1800, the museum was moved to Amsterdam in 1808 and settled into the iconic palace designed by Cuypers in 1885, where it’s been attracting millions of art lovers since. Thanks to the rich artistic tradition of The Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum ranks among the world’s finest, having become the ‘home gallery’ for the likes of Rembrandt,Vermeer, Hals, van Ruysdael and many, many others. Continue reading

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