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Branded magazines are an increasingly popular and effective medium for companies to generate exposure for their products and services. Having an entire magazine at your disposal creates virtually limitless publicity space to share all your business and product news with existing and prospective clients – as well as a highly effective way of communicating directly with your target audience.

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If you’ve ever thought of having your own magazine, but have been put off by the logistics, the work and the cost involved, then now is the time to consider Creative Cloud’s brand-new MAGAZINE MAKER™: a revolutionary system to create your own state-of-the-art magazine, within every budget!

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The magazine professionals at Creative Cloud have developed an innovative product under the name MagazineMaker™, which allows you to assemble your own personalised quality glossy magazine in a quick and manageable way. And best yet, this method of creating your own effective marketing tool enables you to adapt magazine content to fit your budget – so there are no surprises when the bill comes through!

Creative Cloud makes it possible to compose your own magazine to your specific needs using two different types of ‘content modules’: ‘GENERAL’ and ‘BESPOKE’. Each module contains 16 pages of content, typically consisting of 3-4 different articles per module.

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